Chrome and Edge Sticky Print Settings can cost you thousands in color printing

Have you ever noticed that when you print from Google Chrome, it remembers your last print settings? While this can be convenient, it can also lead to increased color printing costs if you're not careful. The sticky print settings feature in Google Chrome can impact color printing costs for individuals and businesses.

When you print a document or a webpage from Google Chrome, the browser remembers your previous print settings, including whether you chose color or black-and-white printing. This default setting can lead to higher color printing costs, especially if you often print in color without intending to do so.

For example, if you printed a color document once and then subsequently printed it in black and white, Google Chrome might still default to color printing based on your previous selection. This can result in unnecessary color printing and increased expenses, especially if your printer charges more for color prints.

To avoid inflated color printing costs due to Google Chrome's sticky print settings, it's important to double-check your print settings before sending a document to the printer. Before hitting the print button, review the print settings to ensure that you've selected the appropriate color option for your needs. Additionally, you can change the default print settings in Google Chrome to always default to black and white printing, reducing the risk of inadvertently incurring higher color printing costs.

Businesses, in particular, should be mindful of the impact of sticky print settings on color printing costs. Printing large volumes of color documents unknowingly can significantly impact the company's printing budget. Implementing clear print policies and providing training to employees on how to manage print settings in Google Chrome can help mitigate the risk of unnecessary color printing expenses.

In conclusion, while Google Chrome's sticky print settings can offer convenience, they can also lead to unintentional color printing and increased costs. By being aware of this feature and taking proactive measures to manage print settings, individuals and businesses can effectively control color printing costs and prevent unnecessary expenses.
Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have these features enabled. This can cost a corporation like yours thousands of dollars per month in unintentional color printing! There are ways to disable this feature, but, they involve editing the registry on each computer in your organization one by one. Pick up a copy of our software Workstation Configurator so that you can do this all with the click of a button. Read about this software here.

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