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monitor print jobs

Gain real-time visibility into print activities with Print Manager's monitoring feature, allowing you to track and analyze print jobs as they happen. Keep tabs on your employees' printing behavior, including color print volumes, and take control by blocking users from printing in color or preventing specific documents from being printed. With Print Manager, you can proactively manage printing resources, enforce printing policies, and enhance security measures in real time. Stay informed and maintain oversight of your printing environment with Print Manager's monitoring capabilities, empowering you to optimize printing practices and ensure compliance with organizational policies.

User management

Manage color printing permissions with precision. Utilize Print Manager's User permission module to restrict specific users from printing in color throughout your organization. Take control of your printing resources and ensure efficient use by effectively regulating color printing access for designated users.

run detailed reports

Unlock the full potential of your organization's color printing data with our comprehensive Excel reporting tool. Effortlessly generate detailed reports complete with visually appealing pie charts and informative tables, allowing you to easily analyze percentages and gain valuable insights.

Research printed documents

Utilize Print Manager's advanced search capabilities to delve into printed documents effortlessly. Conduct thorough searches by user, printer, color, grayscale, date, time, and more, enabling you to gain valuable insights into your printing activities and understand exactly what has been printed.

monitor printer consumables

Stay informed and in control by accessing detailed insights into your printer consumables. Monitor toner levels and more with ease, as you track printer serial numbers, ID numbers, locations, toner part numbers, and other essential data. Gain a comprehensive view of your printer assets for seamless management.

Document Blocking

Take control of your printing costs by preventing users from printing non-work-related materials. Eliminate unnecessary expenses caused by printing documents unrelated to your business needs. With the ability to block such documents from being printed, you can effectively manage and reduce print costs within your organization.

Top Features

Put yourself in the drivers seat with controlling and monitoring color printing in your organization! 

Monitor printer consumables

Stay ahead of printer maintenance with Print Manager's comprehensive printer details module, allowing you to monitor consumable levels and ensure timely replacements. Gain valuable insights into your printers with detailed data including:

Printer Location

Serial Number

Toner levels

Consumable levels

Toner part number (when available)

Management ID number

Printer Name

Printer IP address

Current Print Driver

By leveraging this module, you can proactively manage your printer fleet, track consumable levels, and streamline maintenance processes. Stay informed and in control of your printer assets with Print Manager's printer details module, empowering you to optimize printer performance and minimize downtime effectively.


User management

Take charge of your printing environment with Print Manager's user management module. Empower yourself with the ability to block users from printing in color, prevent specific documents from being printed, and implement additional customized restrictions. With this feature, you can effectively manage user permissions, enhance security measures, and optimize printing resources according to your organization's needs. Stay in control and maximize efficiency with Print Manager's user management module, providing you with the tools to tailor printing policies and restrictions to suit your requirements. 

Detailed reporting

Generate comprehensive reports on color printing activities from printers throughout your organization with Print Manager. Access detailed insights in three distinct formats: User, Device, and Financial. By utilizing these reporting options, you can gain valuable data on color printing usage, track trends, and analyze costs effectively. Stay informed and make informed decisions based on the detailed reports provided by Print Manager, enabling you to optimize printing practices, allocate resources efficiently, and enhance overall printing management strategies.

Extensive search features

Effortlessly retrieve past printed documents with Print Manager's advanced search capabilities. Seamlessly search and filter through printed documents based on various criteria such as User, Device, Color, Grayscale, Date and time printed, Document name, Date range, and Print user name. By leveraging these search parameters, you can efficiently locate specific printed materials, track printing activities, and access detailed printing history. Stay organized and in control of your printing records with Print Manager's versatile search functionality, enabling you to streamline document retrieval and enhance printing management processes effectively.

auto add print users

Streamline your printing management process with Print Manager's automated user database feature. As print jobs are submitted, users are automatically added to the database without the need for manual entry of usernames. This seamless integration ensures that user information is captured effortlessly, saving time and eliminating the hassle of manual data input. Enhance efficiency and accuracy in user management with Print Manager's automated user database functionality, allowing you to focus on optimizing printing operations and maximizing productivity.

Document Print blocking

Enhance your document security with Print Manager's document-level print blocking feature, enabling you to restrict the printing of documents that are not relevant to your organization. By implementing this capability, you can prevent unauthorized printing of sensitive or irrelevant materials, ensuring that only approved documents are printed within your environment. Safeguard your organization's data and maintain confidentiality with Print Manager's document-level print blocking, providing you with the control and protection needed to uphold security standards effectively.

Elevate your printing management with Print Manager, the ultimate all-in-one solution for overseeing printing activities across your entire organization. Print Manager offers a comprehensive range of features to streamline your printing control:

  • Generate detailed color printing reports by User and Device, presented in visually engaging Pie Chart representations.

  • Export reports in Excel or PDF formats for convenient analysis and sharing.

  • Save printed documents in a secure database for quick and easy retrieval.

  • Monitor incoming documents in real-time with the Live print view window.

  • Effortlessly search printed documents by various criteria such as user, document name, date printed, printer, color, or grayscale.

  • Generate comprehensive overall printing reports for your organization to track printing trends and patterns.

  • Identify and address any unauthorized printing activities by monitoring if employees are printing non-work-related documents.

  • Conduct searches to determine if a specific document has been printed within your organization.

  • Enhance cost control by blocking selected users from printing in color.

  • Access detailed consumable data on monitored printers, including Toner Levels, Waste Toner Levels, Stapler Unit Levels, Document Feeder Kit status, Printer Serial Number, and Life Page Counts.

  • Prevent the printing of specific documents by name with the document blocking feature.

Take charge of your printing environment and optimize efficiency with Print Manager's comprehensive suite of features designed to meet all your printing management needs.


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