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Deploy shared network printers at computer level. Workstation configurator

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Deploy network shared printers

Simplify the deployment of network shared printers within your organization with Workstation Configurator, offering a seamless solution that overcomes the limitations of Active Directory Services with Windows Domain controllers. Unlike the traditional method of deploying network shared printers by user in Active Directory, Workstation Configurator revolutionizes the process by enabling the deployment of network shared printers at the machine level.

In a dynamic environment with multiple departments and employees frequently changing computers, Workstation Configurator provides unparalleled flexibility. For example, in a scenario where multiple users access workstations within the billing department, you can effortlessly configure each computer to load the billing printer and set it as the default printer for any user logging into that specific workstation. The software meticulously tracks all changes made, storing detailed information in a SQL database, including group membership, default printer configurations, batch script settings for login, Google and Edge preferences, and more.

Workstation Configurator sets itself apart from Active Directory by empowering users to deploy network shared printers at the computer level, ensuring that any user accessing that workstation automatically gains access to the designated printers. Say goodbye to the complexities of user-based printer deployment and embrace a more efficient and user-friendly approach with Workstation Configurator.

Configure google chrome & microsoft edge

Color printing management can be a source of frustration when users inadvertently continue to print in color despite default print driver settings being configured for black and white at the print server level. This issue arises due to the persistent print settings in popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, where previous print job preferences are retained. As a result, if a user selects color for one print job, subsequent jobs will default to color unless manually changed back to black and white.

In today's fast-paced work environment, most users simply overlook or forget to adjust these print settings, leading to unnecessary color printing expenses. To address this challenge effectively, automatic default setting adjustments are essential. Enter Workstation Configurator, the solution that streamlines color printing management effortlessly.

By configuring workstations or groups of workstations with Workstation Configurator, you can ensure that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge adhere to the system default printer settings. Whether opting for the system default printer or system print dialog, Workstation Configurator offers the flexibility to enforce black and white printing by setting the user's default printer to a black-only print driver. This strategic setup ensures that each print job defaults to black and white, eliminating the risk of accidental color printing.

For scenarios where only one print driver per printer is utilized, the system print dialog option is also available, providing a tailored approach to color printing management based on your specific setup. Say goodbye to color printing mishaps and take control of your printing environment with Workstation Configurator's intuitive and efficient features.

manage workstations

Effective color printing control extends beyond the print server and requires modifications to the print dialogs of popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on each workstation. While some IT system administrators may prefer not to rely on group policy for printer deployment, Workstation Configurator offers a seamless solution to handle deployment tasks efficiently. By customizing the print dialogs on individual workstations, Workstation Configurator empowers administrators to effectively manage color printing settings without the need for complex group policy configurations. Simplify your color printing control strategy with Workstation Configurator's user-friendly approach to workstation modifications and printer deployment.

Set default network printers. Workstation configurator makes it easy

Easily set default printers

With Configurator, setting a default printer from your print server is a breeze. Simply select the desired printer, and Configurator will automatically generate the batch script line for you. This line will be seamlessly added to the selected workstation at user logon. Continue this process for each printer you wish to add, and watch as your complete batch script is effortlessly written before your eyes. Once you've finished adding printers, saving the batch script is all it takes to finalize the setup. Streamline your printer deployment process with Configurator's intuitive and time-saving features.

change web browser print dialog default settings

Change web browser print settings easily

Configurator simplifies the process of changing web browser print settings. With just a few clicks, select your desired options, click configure, and let the software handle the rest. Enjoy a seamless experience as Configurator effortlessly modifies web browser print settings to meet your preferences. Streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency with Configurator's user-friendly approach to managing print settings.
make policy edits to multiple computers. Workstation configurator makes it easy

Batch processing

Effortlessly manage large batches of workstation configurations with Configurator. Whether you have multiple computers requiring the same policy settings or specific configurations, simply add them to the list, select your desired settings, and click configure. Watch as the software efficiently processes each workstation on the list, applying the configurations seamlessly. Save time and streamline your workflow by leveraging Configurator's capability to handle bulk workstation configurations with ease..
automatically write batch scripts. No code knowledge necessary.

batch script writer

With an instant text editor at your disposal, Configurator transforms your printer selections into batch script command lines that execute as startup items upon user logon. Simply right-click on the desired printer, choose to set it as the default or standard printer, and Configurator will generate the corresponding batch script line for each selected printer. Save your batch file to a network share of your preference effortlessly, as an easy file dialog pre-set to save your choices with a .bat extension will appear. Streamline the process of configuring printers with Configurator's intuitive features for efficient and hassle-free management.
Deploy network shared printers across your organization

Deployment made easy

Say goodbye to the complexities of user-based printer deployment with Configurator. Unlike traditional methods that rely on group policies, which can lead to deployment challenges and ineffective results, Configurator offers a streamlined approach by deploying network shared printers at the computer level rather than the user level. Deploying network shared printers on a print server at the machine level can be a daunting task, but Configurator simplifies this process seamlessly.

With Configurator, any user logging in will consistently receive the same set of printers, ensuring a standardized printing environment across workstations. Additionally, the default printer is automatically configured for each user login, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Experience hassle-free printer deployment and achieve your printing goals efficiently with Configurator's innovative solution tailored for computer-based printer deployment.

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