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Print Manager

Print Manager

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Elevate your printing management with Print Manager, the ultimate all-in-one solution for overseeing printing activities across your entire organization. Print Manager offers a comprehensive range of features to streamline your printing control:

  • Generate detailed color printing reports by User and Device, presented in visually engaging Pie Chart representations.

  • Export reports in Excel or PDF formats for convenient analysis and sharing.

  • Save printed documents in a secure database for quick and easy retrieval.

  • Monitor incoming documents in real-time with the Live print view window.

  • Effortlessly search printed documents by various criteria such as user, document name, date printed, printer, color, or grayscale.

  • Generate comprehensive overall printing reports for your organization to track printing trends and patterns.

  • Identify and address any unauthorized printing activities by monitoring if employees are printing non-work-related documents.

  • Conduct searches to determine if a specific document has been printed within your organization.

  • Enhance cost control by blocking selected users from printing in color.

  • Access detailed consumable data on monitored printers, including Toner Levels, Waste Toner Levels, Stapler Unit Levels, Document Feeder Kit status, Printer Serial Number, and Life Page Counts.

  • Prevent the printing of specific documents by name with the document blocking feature.

Take charge of your printing environment and optimize efficiency with Print Manager's comprehensive suite of features designed to meet all your printing management needs.

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