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Workstation Configurator - Free 7 Day Trial

Workstation Configurator - Free 7 Day Trial

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Revolutionize your workstation management with the cutting-edge Workstation Configurator software platform. Take charge of individual workstations across your organization and harness the power of controlling color printing to maximize cost savings. By deploying printers and mandatory settings, Workstation Configurator becomes your ultimate tool in optimizing color printing expenses.

To effectively manage color printing, a mere setup of a print server with default driver settings to black and white is insufficient. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge retain sticky print settings, posing a challenge in maintaining consistent printing preferences. With Workstation Configurator, you have the flexibility to customize settings for Google Chrome and Edge, ensuring seamless integration with the system default printer or print dialog while eliminating the web print dialog entirely. Group workstations by department and rest assured that all modifications are meticulously recorded in a secure database.

Simplify printer setup with the convenience of setting up a batch script to run at user logon, automatically adding specified printers without any user intervention. Effortlessly create batch scripts, save them to a network share folder, and let Workstation Configurator handle the rest. Access detailed information on workstation changes through the built-in Database feature, providing transparency and accountability within your IT Department.

Unlock the full potential of Workstation Configurator by exploring our product videos and diving into your new software with confidence from the start. With your subscription, enjoy a range of benefits, including free access to the latest upgrades, tech support, and installation assistance. Should you require the program to run on a SQL server for multiple users, our support team is ready to assist remotely. Don't miss out on your trial activation code, which will be sent via email upon checkout. Enter your email address during the purchase process and allow up to 30 minutes for delivery, remembering to check your spam folder if needed. Elevate your workstation management experience with Workstation Configurator today!

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