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Workstation Configurator

Workstation Configurator

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Experience seamless workstation management with the innovative workstation configurator software platform. Take control of individual workstations across your organization effortlessly. Workstation Configurator is your ultimate solution for managing color printing efficiently. Secure your workstations, set up printers, and enforce mandatory settings to optimize color printing costs.

Simply setting up a print server with default driver settings to black and white is no longer sufficient for effective color printing control. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge retain print settings in the print dialog, making it crucial to ensure the correct settings are in place. Employees are often preoccupied with their daily tasks and may overlook print driver configurations, leading to unnecessary color printing expenses. Take charge of your color printing management with Workstation Configurator for a more cost-effective and streamlined printing process.

Take full control of your workstation management process with Workstation Configurator. Customize workstation settings by configuring Google Chrome to utilize the system default printer or enabling Edge and Chrome to use the system print dialog while disabling the web print dialog entirely. With Configurator, you have the flexibility to group workstations by department and all changes made are seamlessly recorded in a secure database.

Simplify printer setup by setting up a batch script to run at user logon, automatically adding specified printers to workstations without any user intervention required. Effortlessly designate default or standard printers by right-clicking on a printer and selecting the desired option. Workstation Configurator generates the batch script code for you, allowing you to save it to a network share folder of your choice with just a few clicks.

Utilize the built-in Database feature of Workstation Configurator to save and track all workstation modifications. Easily access detailed information on workstations within specific groups, eliminating any guesswork within your IT Department. Benefit from the full edit history menu to review the most recent changes made to a workstation.

Explore our product videos to maximize your experience with Workstation Configurator right from the start. Dive into your new software and unleash its full potential for efficient workstation management within your organization.


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This software runs on a localDB database. If you prefer the data part of this program to run on a SQL server for multiple users we can remote in for you and change the settings to make that possible. Just let support know that you need this feature. 

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