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We will be glad to remote in to your PC and install the software and set it all up and get it working for you FREE of Charge! Our Thanks to you for purchasing our products.

Born from Efficiency. Made to save money $

Watch to find our what our software solutions can do for your business. Save over $2000 per month in wasted color printing. Start now with a free trial!

Announcing Our Free 7 day Trial!

Introducing Our Free Trial: EliteIT's Workstation Configurator Software

Are you tired of the hassle involved in deploying and managing printers across your network? EliteITSoftware is thrilled to announce a free trial of our cutting-edge Printer Deployment Software. This powerful tool is designed to streamline your printer setup process, enhance security, and boost overall productivity.

Key Features

Automated Printer Deployment: Easily deploy printers to multiple computers across the network with a few simple clicks.
Centralized Management: Manage all your network printers from a single, intuitive dashboard. Enhanced Security: Ensure secure printer setups by managing permissions and access controls effectively.
Automatic Batch Script Creation: Automatically create batch scripts with no code knowledge necessary. Any user can configure a printer deployment with this software. 
Save Configuration for review later: Keep a complete history of your changes and save all configurations to an onboard SQL database for keeping up with all your changes. 

Why Choose EliteIT's Workstation Configurator Software?

Efficiency: Save time by automating repetitive tasks and minimizing manual configurations.
Reliability: Ensure consistent and reliable printer performance across your network.
Scalability: Whether you have a small office or a large enterprise, our software scales to meet your needs.
User-friendly Interface: Enjoy a seamless user experience with our intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface.
Expert Support: Benefit from our dedicated customer support team, ready to assist you every step of the way.

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Manage. Deploy


Remote Management

Make policy changes to workstations in your network remotely

Deploy Network Printers

Deploy network printers without the use of AD Group Policy. 


Configure Google & Edge

Make important changes to the print dialog of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Software built for IT Management

Software built with IT Mangement in Mind. Our software is built with IT in mind because we are IT. We use the software we design on a daily basis. The creation of this software came from a real need to solve a problem within the IT department. This software helped make our lives a little easier, and we hope it will yours as well. See our products and what they can do for you. Our Print software can help save your company thousands of dollars each month on color printing costs. This software can be used even if you are with a managed print company.

Our Software includes all of these features. Click and item to read more...

Top Features

Deploy Printers

No longer do you have to use Windows AD group policy to deploy network shared printers. Network shared printers on a print server are tricky to deploy using group policy. Especially to computer level targeting. We have software that takes care of that.

Create Batch Scripts

Our software has an auto batch script writer. You add a default printer to the configuration and it creates that batch code line for you and outputs it to the batch editor screen for viewing. Add a standard printer and batch writer will create a standard printer command line. You must know zero code to use this feature. Its simply point and click technology. Anyone with minimal computer knowledge can create a batch script to add printers to workstations at user Login.

SQL Database

Both of our software packages include a SQL database for storing and retrieving data. Either software can be setup for shared SQL connection or a localDB connection.

Track Printed Documents

Print Manager allows you to track every document that is printed in your company. Each time a document is printed the details are added to the SQL database.

Control Color Printing

Print Manager has features built in that allow you to control color printing in your organization. For example, you can block a specific user from printing color. You can even target document names and stop certain documents from printing in color. This is just one of many features of our Print Manager software.

Modify Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge

With Workstation Configurator you can modify the print dialog defaults of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers. Why is this necessary? Because both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have what we call sticky print settings, meaning they remember the users last print driver settings. So, if the users last selection was Color then the next document printed will be color if they don't change it, and they will not! This will override your print servers default driver settings. Use configurator to change this at the workstation level. Choose to set Chrome to use default printer or system print dialog. Microsoft edge is automatically set to use system print dialog.

Full reporting in Excel Format

Create in-depth rich reports for your IT Department heads and CEO's. Print Manager has three report options: Financial, Color by Device, Color by Employee. These reports let you see where most of your color is being printed. Print Manager also includes a cost calculation database. You enter your values and it estimates a monthly total print cost bill.

Monitor Printer Toner Levels & Consumables

See every detail on printer consumables. Our software uses SNMP protocol to grab the data direct from the printer. See toner percentages in real time and more. Know when toner is getting low before the print user even does. Most models of printers return the toner cartridge number for you as well, along with the device serial number. Very useful when re-ordering consumable supplies.